Epiphany Series 'Who Are You?'

The LORD called me before I was born, while I was in my mother's womb God named me.  ~Isaiah 49:1

The beginning of a new calendar year is a time when we often reassess direction and ask questions yet again about who we are and where we are going in life. We make resolutions, we sign up at the gym (again), and vow to be better people. This year we will take a deep journey into the question, “Who Are You?” We will discover that “who we are” is indelibly linked to “Whose we are.” Perhaps you’ve seen the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) series on TV. Similarly, we will be investigating our very own lives in relation to God and others. What amazing things could happen if you lived into your best, most passionate, loving self? Let’s find out what transformations can happen in just 7 weeks!

January 4, 2015   Follow Your Star   Matthew 2:1-12

The Wise Ones found what they were looking for by following the lighted path. When we trust the “star” that God hung out for us, we move toward life in its fullest and discover joy beyond imagining. What path is God shining light upon for you? We will take the next 7 weeks to implement movement toward a brighter future than we can imagine.

January 11, 2015   Connect with Your Belovedness   Matthew 2:1-12  

Can you imagine what relationships could be like without the human fear of rejection? This Sunday we remember our baptism and the voice of God which proclaims to all of us, “You are my beloved.” Let’s live in the abundance of grace and acceptance and just see what happens when we offer that to others!

January 18, 2015   Know Your Name   John 1:35-42                 Rev. Kay DeMoss, preaching

The question of “who are you” often starts with a name. In the scriptures, people begin to describe Jesus by many names - Rabbi, Messiah, Lamb of God - as they tried to understand who this special person was. What descriptors do you want to be known by? Who has God called you to be? 

January 25, 2015   Claim Your Vocation   Matthew 4:18-22  

We continue this Sunday with the idea that God has called us, not just by name, but to a special purpose. When we find and claim our own vocation–that which fulfills us and creates good in the world–we are freed from the bonds of what others may expect of us or claim for us. Discipleship comes in many, and sometimes unlikely, forms.

February 1, 2015   Embody Beatitude Living   Matthew 5:1-12 -- Scout Sunday  

Two of the most powerful and poetic lessons for life appear in the scripture readings this Sunday. The definition of beatitude is “supreme blessedness and happiness.” In our search for happiness among the “stuff” of life, have we missed the point? What difference would it make to embody a love for justice and kindness in our everyday lives?

February 8, 2015   Create Right Relationships   Matthew 5:21-26
United Methodist Women Sunday – Doris Morgan, Speaker

Who we are cannot be fulfilled in isolation. We were made for relationship and for passing on the life and love given to us by God. We’ve all experienced the pain of broken relationships and the joy of restored ones. How does our relationship to others define us? How does living in right relationship with friend and stranger send reverberations into the world and into the future? 

February 15, 2015   Proclaim Transformation   Matthew 17:1-7  

We have walked in the light, we have heard the assurance of belovedness, and we have named and claimed our place in the world, our passion, our vocation, and our mission. Now it is time to proclaim to the world from the mountaintop that transformation is possible. How have you changed in the last 7 weeks? Are you better able to answer the question, “Who Are You?”


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