Jesus loves children...

And so does Central!

Kids love the Lord on Sunday mornings from September to May Cool School starts at 9:30 a.m. Liz Johnson and Jessica Brozek meet children, K-5, in Room 204. 

Kids also live the Light. They help in worship on Sunday morning lighting candles, reading the Bible, making music with things like orff instruments and chimes.

 Kids serve our neighbors when we do things like distribute fruit and vegetables at the Food Trucks Central sponsors. Or go Christmas caroling in the community. Or decorate sacks for use by Kids’ Food Basket. 

Kids have gifts just like grown-ups do. Kids can be leaders just like grown-ups can. Kids are not the future of the church. Kids are the church right now!

*For a full description of our lessons, please Click Here.

Welcome to C.O.O.L. School (also known as Sunday School).  C.O.O.L. stands for Children of the Lord.  We are Liz Johnson and Jessica Brozek, a mother-daughter teaching team. Liz is an accountant, and Jessica is a first grade teacher.  We’ve taught Sunday School together for a year and a half. Do you have questions?  Our contact information is:

Liz Johnson: eliz_ j_, home 231-798-2987 and cell 231-557-0548

Jessica Brozek:, cell 231-670-1225

Probably the fastest way to get a hold of either of us is to send a text message.  A phone call or email will work well, also.  

The theme to this year’s C.O.O.L. School for children is Super Heroes of the Bible.  We’ll start with Old Testament heroes and then move to New Testament heroes. That is what heroism is all about, being little or weak or scared but deciding to stand up to that bad person or thing anyways to do what is right and good.   

We also plan to do some field trip experiences during Sunday School time.  It might be a trip down to the computer lab in the basement of the church, or it may be something where we leave the building.  Liz & Jess

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